Universal Hacking Tool | Powerfull Kit For Hacking In Termux (Lazymux)

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In This Article is related to hacking by mobile.Termux is a hacking application for android mobiles. And Lazymux is a Took Kit used in termux. Layzmux is a multi function kit. or you can say it can do multiple hacking activities on a single Tool kit. For More detail You can Watch My Video 

Steps To Install Layzmux In Termux App.

Step 1 : Install Termux From PlayStore 

Step 2 : Open Termux APP

Step 3 : Update Termux Packages

Comamnd :- apt-get update

Steps 4 : To Install Git on Termux

Comamnd :- apt inlstal git

Steps 5 :To Install Clang on Termux

Comamnd :- apt install clang

Steps 6 :To Install Python2 on Termux

Comamnd :- pkg instll python2

Steps 7 : Download Lazymux on Termux

Comamnd :- git clone https://github.com/Gameye98/Lazymux

Steps 8 :To provide the execute permission to install the dependency

Comamnd :- chmod +x meta-install.sh && ./meta-install.sh

Now it ready to use.

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